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Inglotech was founded in September 2012 in Rümmingen, Germany. In November 2013 the company was converted into an operating company with specialized departments for spare parts and project management, and the headquarters were moved from Rümmingen to Bückeburg in Lower Saxony. The main task of Inglotech is to act as a procurement company for CTG21 (Corporación Tecnología Global 21) and its subsidiaries for the Venezuelan and Colombian market.

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Spare Parts & Maintenance

We provide spare parts for new and existing pumps as well as system installations and cartridge solutions …

Project Handling

Our comprehensive project management services include the following, Mechanical engineering …

Customized Solutions

Of course, we adhere to specific customer specifications in every project, which makes us pretty-much unique.


Our team consists of former employees from oil & gas exploration and production companies, pumping …

Global Thinking

We aim to be a global and reliable partner for all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers and society.


We keep ourselves involved in the latest advances of pumping and metering technology, both upstream and downstream.


Understanding the needs of operators and transferring them effectively to manufacturers has always been our main strength.

Technical Assistance

Inglotech is highly experienced in the area of high-quality pumps and systems as well as multiphase metering solutions.

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