Company Profil

INGLOTECH GmbH is a supplier of engineered solutions for new and existing installation, with special knowledge in pumps, pump systems, multiphase metering and spare parts. In cooperation with our clients, we develop customized solutions for different applications, mainly for the Oil & Gas Market (Upstream & Downstream). The history of the group started in 1989 in Venezuela, therefore the people within our team has more than 20 years of experience in Project Development, Engineering and Spare Parts supply. Based on this long lasting experience and on our high quality suppliers, we develop alternatives which can be optimally integrated into the client’s installations, ensuring reliability and minimal lifecycle costs.

Besides supplying new equipment, Inglotech GmbH offers re-engineering of existing pumps and systems to optimize the performance of the application, replacing the internal of the pump with spare parts or complete cartridges to satisfy customer’s needs.

We support our clients

  • Consulting assistance from the early stages of a project, covering Project Development and Pump System Engineering
  • Optimization of production in traditional areas as well as new field development, applying up to date knowledge and technology
  • Assistance during field analysis – Pump Stations implementation
  • Proposals for field production upgrade – Evaluation of scenarios to optimize production
  • Project Execution including Project Management, Procurement, Expediting, Inspection and Logistics of goods and equipment
  • Reengineering, Spare Parts and retrofit of operating twin screw pumps
  • After Sales Service including assistance during commissioning, start up, maintenance, training, spare parts supply and trouble shooting.
  • Systems for a wide range of applications:
    • Multiphase pumps and systems for production transfer
    • Multiphase metering for well test and production allocation
    • Crude oil processing and pipeline transfers
    • Loading-Unloading and Circulation processes in Tank Storages and Marine application
    • Refinery Application with a wide range of product viscosity
    • Chemical Processes with sensitive and non-newtonic liquids
  • As well as all other pump applications in for industrial use.